Monday, August 26, 2013

A Growing Reed

Yes, I missed the 2-year update.  By almost five months.  But Reed is so much fun at two years and nearly five months that I thought  I might as well just share some of THOSE updates now!

  • Reed is GROWING!  A month ago in CA, he weighed in at 28 lbs, but Jeff and I are sure he's gained at least one, if not two pounds since then.  He's getting harder and harder to carry around (yet he still asks, "Mommy carry you?" whenever possible).  According to his Baseball Hall of Fame height chart, he's just at 36 inches.
  • He still takes one nap during the day, between 1 and 3:30 or 4 p.m.  As much as I love being around him, I'm not going to lie - those naps are heavenly for Mommy and Daddy too!  He goes to bed around 7:45 and wakes up between 6:30 and 7 a.m.  He still sleeps in a crib, but he does know how to get out and has swung himself over the edge three times.  Fortunately, he's so big now that he's not far from the ground and 99% of the time, he's perfectly happy to stay in.  We're starting to make plans for the big-boy bed, but he's probably got another month or so in the crib.
  • Speaking of nighttime, his routine with me is precious.  After we read a book and I put him in the crib, he says, "One more hug, one more kiss", about three times before I leave the room.  
  • Reed is still such a snuggle bug!  He loves to be held and his favorite place is in our lap to read a book or watch one of his shows.
  • He's very into labeling everything - "That's a dog.  That's Pooh.  That's a mermaid."  He also likes to ask, "What's that?", even when he knows exactly what something is.  Some of my other favorite phrases are, "Mommy [or Daddy], where are you?" (said in a sing-song voice); "Mommy, what are you doing?"; "Mommy, are you doing exercises?"; "Mommy, can Reed watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in Mommy and Daddy's room, I fink?" 
  • Reed's gotten a lost less picky with food.  While he's still far from adventurous, he eats much more now, both in quantity and in types of food.  Some of his favorites are cereal (Life, Raisin Bran Crunch), chicken nuggets, fish sticks, ground beef, eggs, bagels with cream cheese, bread, cottage cheese, pizza, and fruit.  Of course, he loves sweets, especially lollipops and yogurt-covered raisins.
  • He is still our music-loving boy.  He can ID musicians from just hearing a bar or two of music, and he loves Michael Buble (hooray!), the Beatles, Sesame Street, and Mickey Mouse songs.  He's got quite a repertoire of songs he can belt out, including several tracks off the new MB album and a whole host of other diddies.
  • Reed also likes his TV.  This summer he fell in love with Mickey and the gang on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and he still loves his Classical Baby DVDs (The Poetry Show is a new fave), Elmo, and Barney.
  • Fortunately, he still loves books too!  Current faves include Oh Say Can You Say, The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat, The Shabbat Box, The Little Engine That Could, and The Giving Tree.
  • While his CD player still keeps him occupied most mornings while Mommy and Daddy are getting ready for work, Reed has a growing interest in blocks, and he also enjoys stickers, his water table, and the park.  
  • Generally, Reed wants to be doing whatever Mommy (and sometimes Daddy) is doing, whether that's exercising, making the bed, putting on makeup, or cooking.  He is definitely my little sidekick!
Here are a few pictures of Reed from the last few weeks, as well as a fun video of him singing a duet with his new friend Sadie.

Fun at the park by Bubbe and Zaide's house

Just enjoying his shades and lollipop

A rock star in Mommy's sunglasses

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