Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

What a difference a year makes!  Last year's Halloween was kind of a fail.  Reed hated his costume and only consented to wear the giraffe head for one picture, if he could also suck on a paci.  Our then new neighborhood turned out to be a ghost town, since all the kids go across Rte. 28 to the Lakelands and Kentlands where the houses and townhouses give them more bang for their buck.  We only had one group of trick or treaters!  By the end of the night, Reed was kind of into knocking on doors, and he really loved his first piece of Halloween candy, but overall, it was a bit of a disappointment.

This year was a whole different ballgame.  Reed ADORED his Mickey Mouse costume (I suspect it might come out of the closet a few more times in the upcoming months) and he couldn't wait to go trick or treating with his friend, Jack.  We decided to join the crowds in the Lakelands, which was definitely the right move.  Nearly every house was decorated and there were tons of other little ones out and about, which made it a lot more fun for our little Mickey.  By the end, he was a pro at saying, "Trick or treat!" and "thank you" at every house, and we were impressed that he lasted nearly an hour trick or treating.  At bedtime he told Mommy that he wanted to go trick or treating again and that next year he wanted to dress up as Donald Duck.  We'll see how many times that changes in 12 months!

In the meantime, here are some pictures to commemorate our first successful Halloween with Reed!

Carving pumpkins on Halloween Eve

Finished products (Jeff's on the left, Tara's on the right)
Our sweet Mickey Mouse

Enjoying the loot after a good night out

Cuddles with Daddy and Elmo

Construction worker Mickey