Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fall Fun

Fall is in full force here in MD.  In fact, the cold temperatures this weekend make it feel closer to winter!  In late October (the weekend just before Hurricane Sandy swept the East Coast), we enjoyed a trip out to Homestead Farm, where we picked out pumpkins and Reed enjoyed petting all the farm animals.  Later that weekend, all three of us helped rake the massive amount of leaves strewn about our front yard.  We love the front of our house, but the two huge trees that make it so pretty also drop A LOT of leaves!  After a few weeks of letting them fall, we finally succombed to the raking.  Reed adored sitting in the huge piles, and was Daddy's little helper with the rake towards the end. 

Of course, we also celebrated Reed's 2nd Halloween with a stroll around our neighborhood.  Reed, aka Gerald the Giraffe, charmed all of our neighbors and asked to "knock" on all the doors.  While couldn't quite master "Trick or Treat" or "Halloween", he had "Happy" down really well!  He also enjoyed his very first piece of candy: a Reece's Peanut Butter Cup.  I think he died and went to heaven. 

I've also tagged on a little bonus video at the end: Reed "singing" "Apples and Bananas."  He's got a ways to go, but we're counting this as his first song!

Peeking through the pumpkin photo op at Homestead Farm
Playing in the leaves

Lovin' it!

Earning his keep!
The only shot we could get of him with the giraffe head on!

Much happier sans hat

Enjoying that candy!

A little fruit pack before bed

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Found a Peanut

As I've mentioned in recent posts, Reed LOVES music.  One of his favorite CDs the last couple of months is this Lisa Loeb children's album (Jeff is also a huge fan, given that Lisa Loeb was his pre-teen crush!), and he has memorized all of the songs on it.  While he can't yet actually sing all the lyrics, he can fill in the last words of every line.  See Exhibit A below, in which he helps me sing "Found a Peanut".  I particularly like how he busies himself around the room as we sing, chiming in with the appropriate word when necessary.  He kills me.

**Disclosure: this song -- and video -- is a bit on the long side.  You were warned!