Monday, January 3, 2011

Rose Bowl Champs!

While a trip to Pasadena wasn't in the cards this year, we compromised by hosting a game-watching party to see my beloved Frogs (#3 - woot!) take on the Wisconsin Badgers in the Rose Bowl.  And take on they did!  The Frogs played a tremendous game, edging out the Badgers 21-19.  It was a proud moment for all Horned Frogs and I was so happy to have our friends celebrating with us.  Even better, Beth and Alex made the trip down from Baltimore with sweet Eli and we all got to enjoy some baby time in between plays.  Here are some fun pics from the night (plus a 26 1/2-week belly pic - Jeff couldn't resist!).

New mommy Beth and baby Eli - 3 1/2 weeks old!

Baby Frog at 26 1/2 weeks

Alex was entranced by the game.  We're not sure about Eli . . .

Skeptical smile aside, Jen Simon thought Eli was pretty darn cute.

Go Frogs!!!

Jeff got in some good baby-holding practice.

Nearly done with the second trimester - about 3 months til go time!