Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Walk Like a . . .

Well, not quite like a man, but definitely a toddler!  Our little fella started walking!  His first steps were to Mommy in the family room on June 11 (his 14-month birthday!), and by daycare pickup the next day, Firoza told us he was walking about half the time.  He's not doing that much at home (crawling is MUCH faster, and being carried by mom or dad is infinitely preferable), but it's such a delight to watch him explore the world on two legs.  Here's a cute video of our wobbly little guy walking at his daycare party on June 14.

Monday, June 11, 2012

All Done!

Reed's vocabulary has been expanding by leaps and bounds!  He now has around 10 words, including "iPad" (yes, he is father's child - or a product of the 21st century!), "outside", "bye bye", "mama", and "apple".  But Reed's favorite word, or phrase I should say, is "all done."  We taught him the sign a few months ago, and he now says both words pretty clearly, while simultaneously making his sign for the phrase: throwing his arms emphatically out to the side.  He's always very sure he's finished - until we put a bowl of fresh blueberries in front of him!  Here's a video of him in action, plus a few cute pics from May (late yet again!).

What's up, dude?
Just hangin' in his house

Fun with Daddy

Kisses for Daddy

Eli and Reed make sure the house is in working order.

Reed and Read Mortimer - sweet baby kisses!