Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reed's First Haircut!

So, I had every intention of going at least a full year before cutting Reed's hair.  I loved it long and, like so many moms, hated the thought of him getting a big boy haircut.  But it was becoming clearer and clearer with every passing day that the hair needed to be cut - and badly.  The front was always in his eyes, and the sides came well over his ears.  It constantly looked messy and dirty, due to Reed pushing it out of his face or rubbing food in it during meal times.  Jeff was making daily comments about how long Reed's hair was getting (with strong hints that he wanted it cut), so I finally succumbed to practicality and on Sunday we took Reed to The Yellow Balloon, a children's salon in the Kentlands.

Overall, it was a great first haircut!  As usual, Reed was cool as a cucumber, and I have to admit that he looks absolutely adorable with his shorter 'do.  But I have a whole envelope of his sweet baby locks that will go in his baby book and many months of pictures to remember the long hair days!  Here are some pics of the big event, along with a video of the whole cut (be warned - it's eight minutes!).

Post-cut - no more bangs!
Reed loved his yellow balloon

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