Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hiatus: Part II (July and August)

My last post left off in mid-July, with Reed's 15-month update.  The rest of July and August were quite busy for the Lang family, with a quick trip to Williamsburg with Paul, Felicia, Rachael, and Alex, the first big party at our house for TCU freshmen, and a fun-filled visit from my parents and Karen and Jim.  We so enjoyed having room for everyone to stay!  Here are some photos of the fun, plus a cute video of Reed playing with his music table (still a favorite toy after eight months!).

Enjoying the mini fountains at the pool in Williamsburg

Reed's first water slide!
Fun on the basketball court

I got the ball, Daddy!
New Horned Frogs descend on 15541 Ambiance Drive
Old friend, colleague, and classmate John-Mark Day
Chancellor Boschini watches the boys shoot hoops
Dinner on the lawn
So many Frogs!
Nats game in D.C.

Reed loved his visit with Auntie Karen!

He loves chocolate chip cookies
Family portrait

iPad time with Grammy
In his big boy chair

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