Monday, October 29, 2012

Hiatus: Part I (Reed is 15 Months!)

Yesterday morning I awoke to the sound of Reed in his crib, saying "pig" repeatedly and then giggling hysterically.  While "pig" is merely one word in a seemingly endless stream of words and phrases these days, I was struck by how much has changed since my last blog post in mid-June.  Our baby has become a little boy!

I've been meaning to post all summer, yet each day got away from me.  Now I find myself, on October 30, four months past my last post, with so much to record.  On this rainy, blustery fall day at home, as we wait for Hurricane Sandy to blow through our town, I'm determined to catch up - at least until the power goes out!

My last post showed Reed beginning to walk, right around fourteen months.  But the three months between April 11 and July 11 (his 15-month check-up) were huge for our little fella in all kinds of ways.  Here were some of the highlights:
  • At his 15-month appointment, he weighed 23 pounds and 11 ounces (36th percentile) and was 31 3/4 inches long (65th percentile)
  • He got his two front top teeth (although they still don't really show when he smiles).
  • On his own, he climbed the stairs and went down the slide at daycare.
  • He began learning his body parts and, when asked, could point to his eyes, mouth, nose, head and feet.
  • Reed learned to give eskimo kisses.
  • He began talking, including the following words/phrases: bye bye, "all done", ipad, mama, daddy, bread, Ari, apple, dog, and a few others that I'm now having a hard time remembering!
  • As mentioned above, Reed started walking at 14 months (almost exactly when his daddy started walking too!).
  • He learned to correctly identify all of the animals in Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  For example, when we asked him where the yellow duck was, he could point to it.
  • Reed began drinking only out of sippy cups.  The transition was a bit painful, but Jeff really helped with this one!
  • Our little guy fell in love with the iPad.  Peekaboo Barn was an early favorite, but he soon became enamored with Animal Hide and Seek.  He amazed us with his ability to find all the animals hiding in the screen shots - with no assistance - and he would play it as long as we'd let him!
  • Reed became quite adept at puzzles in this 3-month time period.  He was excellent at putting the pieces in the right places, showing his memory, fine motor skills, and persistence.
  • He identified "Mommy" and "Daddy" when looking at us in pictures, and delighted in pointing us out in all of the photos around the house.
  • Reed's favorite toys were the Fisher Price house, his puzzles, drum, VTech alphabet train, and his Learn and Groove table (still!).
  • He really began loving books this month.  Faves included The Grandma Book, Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late, Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, Kisses, Happy Birthday, Little Pookie, Good Night, Moon, and Brown Bear, Brown Bear.
  • Food continued to be difficult with Reed in this three month period.  Most meals were a struggle, although he would usually eat some type of bread, cereal, cheese, or beef.  He drank around 18-24 ounces of milk a day.
  • He napped twice a day, from around 9:45 to 11 a.m. and 1 to 3:00.
Below are some fun pictures from June (I think I was with it enough to post some cute ones from May in an earlier post!).

Playing on a rocking horse at the daycare graduation party.

Our future lifeguard.

Walking with Daddy on the basketball court.

Snacking on blueberries!
Our little Angel.


Loving the swings!

Three Little Monkeys with Grammy.

Our water baby.

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