Monday, April 9, 2012


Last year's Passover was a bit of a blur, as Reed was just a week old!  The first night was on the eve of his bris, and both the Sherwin and Lang grandparents, Rachael, Jeff, and me gathered in our dining room for the most abbreviated seder I've ever seen.  In true Passover fashion, Reed reclined for the meal in his swing, but left early for a nursing session and a nap.  So while last year was Reed's actual first Passover, we all felt a bit more "with it" this year.  We drove up to New Jersey late Friday afternoon and enjoyed a weekend with Bubbe, Zaide, and Aunt Rachael.  Jeff's cousins Shayna and Evan, and Shayna's 3 1/2 year old, Christopher, also came to visit on Saturday, and Reed was enamored with Christopher.  He even followed him up the stairs, learning to climb in about two minutes! 

His best James Dean
He's a stair climber now!
Waving bye bye at nap time

Sharing his paci with Zaide

Reed loved Christopher!
Swinging with Mommy

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