Sunday, February 20, 2011

Maryland Baby Shower - 2/5/11

It's been way too long since the last post, but it's been a crazy month and a half!  Jeff and I have been busy not only preparing the house for our imminent arrival (only about 6 1/2 weeks to go - yikes!), but also enjoying house guests and baby showers, and spending some quality time together.  Over Martin Luther King weekend, we went down to the Charottesville, VA area and stayed at a lovely B&B for a couple of days.  It was nice to just enjoy each other's company, without the stress of our everyday lives.  And since the B&B didn't have TVs, radios, or computers, we certainly got to spend plenty of time chatting, reading, and relaxing. 

Rachael (Jeff's sister) came to visit us the last weekend of January and she was a HUGE help in painting the nursery and our den/office.  Since paint fumes aren't great for pregnant women and the physical act of painting is a little more difficult at 7 months pregnant, Rachael was a lifesaver.  It would have taken Jeff twice as long to get everything done.  Now the nursery looks great and we only have a few things left to do in there before it's "finished".  Stay tuned for pictures of the nursery to come, once it's REALLY completed.

And now I finally come to the first weekend of February and the real point of this entry- my Maryland baby shower!  It was so amazing.  My mom, sister-in-law Brie, mother-in-law Felicia, and Rachael all came in for the big day, as did my college roommate, Lisa Munger.  In addition to my family, there were women at the shower from all different parts of my life - work, synagogue, our "posse", and even grade school.  The day was unbelievably special and I feel so blessed to have such amazing women in my life.  Our sweet boy is so loved already!  Here are a few of my favorite pics from the day.

Dear friends and hostesses Maureen Turner and Beth Steiner

Shower hostesses Brie Sherwin, Maureen Turner, Beth Steiner, Vanessa Yost, and Mary Mazzuca

Gram/Gigi "holding" her grandson!

Awesome Costco cake!

My amazing sister-in-law Brie and college best friend Lisa Munger

Felicia and Rachael with the fabulous diaper cake they made!

Baby pictures of Jeff and me - with our sweet boy in the middle

Grade school friends Holly Hull and Hope Feldman

Diet Mountain Dew hat and cute bibs from Jen Simon and Erin Sudow

Special friends!

Back home in the nursery with Mr. Octopus

Best family!

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  1. Soudns like it was a great day! And you look beautiful! I hope everything is going well with all the preparations. We are thinking of you!!