Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eyes and Ears and Mouth and Nose

Well, no ears in this picture, but we've got eyes, mouth, and nose covered!  Today we had our fourth (and maybe last) ultrasound and everything with T-Pup looks just about perfect.  Our little guy weighs 1 lb, 10 ounces - in the 47th percentile, which is great.  He's actually measuring a few days ahead of schedule, so Jeff might wind up with his April Fools baby after all!  Stomach, amniotic fluid, kidneys, heart - everything checked out just fine.  My cervix was long and there were no signs of any problems whatsoever, which was a huge relief to Jeff and me. 

Our technician was AWESOME and got this great, 4-D image of T-Pup's face.  He's positioned face up against the placenta, so we think his nose is a little smushed, but it looks like he might have Jeff's mouth!

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  1. I am SO excited. I cannot believe how far along you are!!!! That long torso is a blessing for you! I miss you like a heart!!! Anytime coming this way? I wish I had a reason to come to DC. I love you,sweet precious Tara, Jeff, and T-pup! Tonta Kay