Sunday, December 19, 2010

Babies, Friends, and Kitty

We've been busy since our last post!  Between a weeklong Thanksgiving trip to California, two huge work events for Tara,  a work conference for Jeff, the breakdown of Jeff's car, Jeff's dad's surgery, T-Pup's continued growth, and the birth of three sweet baby boys to good friends, we're just now starting to catch our breath. We're still not quite in the habit of carrying the camera everywhere we go (we'll get better, I promise!), so we don't have pictures of everything, but here are few snapshots of some fun moments in the last few weeks - including one of my growing bump, just for the grandmas.

23 weeks and 1 day
Eli Jonathan Steiner is just four days old!  He already loves Uncle Jeff.
Jeff was a natural holding him!

Sweet kitty Ari P.  Sometimes she's camera-shy . . .
Adorable Josie Rafferty, the 3-month-old daughter of my awesome coworker, Lori.

We're not sure how Ari cuddled up underneath the pillow and blanket, but she looked precious.

The bris of Jack Kenneth Spiegel, son to Ryan and Rachael.

The bris of Eli Jonathan Steiner, son of dear friends Beth and Alex Steiner.

Baby Eli liked the wine!

Glowing Mama Beth amd Eli post-bris - they were both champs!

Brunch with my oldest friends, Holly (Hartman) Hull and Hope Feldman.

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  1. you are the teeniest pregnant lady i ever saw!

    mazel tov on the news of a boy. little boys are the best!