Friday, September 9, 2011



Yep, our boy can now roll over!  He rolled for the first time the night before my birthday, but when we got him home from daycare yesterday, he was a rolling machine.  Well, back to tummy, at least!  He hasn't figured out yet how to get from tummy to back, but hopefully that will come soon.  We're so proud of him!

Reed's latest milestone was, of course, the highlight, but my 31st birthday was fantastic for lots of other reasons too.  I received flowers at work from my wonderful in-laws, countless emails, phone calls, and Facebook messages from friends and family, and a wonderful steak dinner, cooked by my wonderful husband and shared with Maureen and Justin Turner.  Another special treat: Jeff snuck by daycare early and changed Reed into a onesie that read, "Happy Birthday Mommy".  Too cute!

My sweet boy in his "Happy Birthday" onesie, hand-crafted by Jeff!

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