Friday, October 29, 2010

All-American Weekend - In the Bag!

Late October is always a crazy time of year for me - and subsequently, for Jeff.  For the last five years, the third weekend of the month has marked American University's Alumni Weekend (this year re-named as All-American Weekend).  Which means that from about October 1 - October 24, I not only work until at least 6:30 or 7 every night (plus some weekends) in preparation, but I'm also tired, stressed out, and perhaps more than a little crabby. 

Jeff's always a trooper for putting up with me during this time, and never more so than this year (my 6th Alumni Weekend!), when I was balancing the traditional Alumni Weekend workload with a work trip to Seattle and a growing baby starting to make an appearance by way of too-tight pants.  That's right, the week before All-American Weekend, I woke up on a Wednesday to find that nearly 90% of my pants just wouldn't button without extreme contortions and unsuccessful sucking-in of the baby pooch - which really isn't meant to be sucked in any more! 

As you might expect, this experience with the pants did not go over well with me, and caused even more stress than normally experienced from AAW prep.  My sweet husband definitely received the brunt of my wardrobe frustrations (I'm sorry, babe!!!) and I think we're both happier now that I've added several pairs of comfy, full panel maternity pants to the closet.  Even though these new pants fall down a little because there's not quite enough of a belly to hold them up, they're infinitely better for my comfort and my psyche than the old ones. 

We're also both happy that All-American Weekend is over for yet another year!  Jeff was sweet enough to join me for my big Saturday event, the Alumni Awards Ceremony & Reception (the culmination of nearly 7 months of planning), which was a big hit, and then we headed to the All-American Bash for more schmoozing and cheesecake lollipops (yummy catering is definitely a perk of my job, especially with a baby on the way!).  We even got some photos to remember the night!  T-Pup, take note - it's your mom's last Alumni Weekend before you completely change her world!  :)

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